Reglaze Your Existing Glasses

New Lenses in your Existing Frames at a Fraction of UK High Street Prices

Reglaze Glasses - New Lenses in your exiting frames

If you have existing glasses that you are happy you can just replace your old lenses with your new up to date prescription lenses.

Our reglazing service is available for single vision, varifocal and bifocal lenses, with a range of extra options to enhance your glasses. We can reglaze most rimmed, semi-rimless and rimless glasses. On receipt of your frame and Reglaze Glasses order form we will set your new lenses to match the fitting measurements from your existing lenses where this is possible.

Reglaze glasses from only:

£14 (Single Vision)
£29 (Bifocal Lenses)
£60 (Standard Varifocal Lenses)*
*All our varifocal lenses at are made with the latest freeform technology for improved vision and comfort.

Optional extras for your reglazed glasses:

Coloured tints (Green, Brown or Grey): add £10
UV Protective Coating: Add £10
Anti-Reflective Coating: Add £10
Thinner Lenses: From £25
Polarised Grey or Brown: Add £35
Grey or Brown Reactive: Add £35

Here are a few handy tips to ensure your old frames are suitable for our glasses reglaze service:

Plastic Glasses Reglazing: Please check that the frame is not brittle or liable to snap (If the frame is badly discoloured this is one of the things that can show weakness and the possibility that the frame is brittle) Also check that there are no cracks or hair line splits.

Metal Glasses Reglazing: Please check that the frame has screws for undoing the lens and that it is not a “ready reader” and that the screws and frame rim are not damaged.

Rimless Glasses Reglazing: Please check that the fittings (screws and bolts) are not glued in place as they cannot be taken apart.

Some rimless glasses reglazes will not be attempted if our laboratory manager believes the new lenses may be thicker than the existing lenses, this is due to cases where the original bolts have been previously cut for the original lenses and may not be long enough to go fully through the new lens due to extra thickness.

Click on the button below for our UK Reglaze Glasses Order Form to print out and send with your existing frames.

Glasses Reglazing Order Form